Nancy R Wise, Artist

NancyWise Dec-Jan

Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open November 30 - January 30.


In the modern world so many of us live in cities. A world of endless individuals; bars, restaurants and cafes; computers and cell phones; cars, streets and freeways - our environment provides seemingly endless opportunities for new and varied experiences. The new, the unusual, the exotic awakens minds and creativity. But as our day-to-day world unfolds much is lost and we no longer see the magic. Like the Impressionists of an earlier era I want to reawaken that magic. By transforming the familiar we see our world again with new eyes. I love the vibrancy of bright colors, thick impasto-like textures against thin washes and strong forms to enhance perception. It is my way to abstract and transform our ordinary experiences and reawaken life’s vibrant aesthetic.


No reception.