In-Person Student Matinee Field Trips

Held at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts


$5 per ticket (student or teacher/chaperone)*

*NOTE: Limited scholarships are available for tickets and/or transportation (scholarship requests can be made during the reservation process).  See FAQ’s for additional information.

2022/23 Student Matinee Field Trips:


SUGAR SKULL: A Dia de Muertos Musical Adventure

GRADES 2 – 8
Friday, October 7,  2022
9:45am or 11:30am

SUGAR SKULL! A Dia de Muertos Musical Adventure is a touring bilingual/bicultural musical for young audiences and families that uses traditional regional music and dance from Mexico to tell the story of twelve-year-old Vita Flores. Vita thinks her family has gone loco planning a celebration for deceased loved ones. Why throw a party for the dead? But when a spirited candy skeleton suddenly springs to life, Vita finds herself on a magical, musical journey to unravel the true meaning of Día de Muertos.

This show is SOLD OUT, but accepting wait list applications.

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Optional Workshop Add-on: Latin Rhythms and Drumming Workshop

Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story

GRADES 1 – 5
Monday, February 27, 2023
9:45 or 11:30am  *9:45 am show is SOLD OUT, but accepting waitlist applications

Ten-year-old Belinda is a budding poet who loves to tell stories. But when she’s stuck in the basement preparing for a party upstairs that her stepmother and stepsisters will host, she’ll have to get creative. In this “story within a story” Belinda lives out her version of the evening while also re-enacting the classic tale Cinderella, using whatever objects are at her disposal: napkins, teapots, and doilies, to name just a few. With these everyday items, a healthy dose of imagination, and a love of poetry passed down by her father, Belinda imagines a bigger world for herself.

When she learns that the party’s special guest is (real life) writer Gary Soto, Belinda wants desperately to attend the party and share her own writings with Soto.  But to do that, she must learn to stand up for herself and take charge of her life and dreams. This captivating bilingual one-woman performance is a modern spin on the beloved fairy tale and tackles cultural heritage, family, and the power of language.

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Sewam American Indian Dance

GRADES 2 – 6
March 27, 2023
9:45 or 11:30am  *9:45 am show is SOLD OUT, but accepting waitlist applications

Sewam American Indian Dance was founded by Eddie Madril, an award-winning dancer and educator. Sewam Dance brings the music, arts and culture of Native American dance to audiences around the world. Specializing in the dances of United States Plains Indians, Sewam Dance has performed across the country and internationally, inspiring audiences and sharing the power and beauty of Native American people.

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Optional Workshop Add-on: Kumeyaay Arts Workshop/Assembly 


In-Person Field Trip FAQ’s

Q:  How do I register my class?

A:    Select the show you wish to attend and click on “Register Your Class”. Fill out the request form, which will include show time selection, number of tickets needed, scholarship requests and add-on workshop requests.  Your ticket order is not complete until you receive an invoice from Poway OnStage.


Q:  How do I request transportation for my field trip?

A:  All teachers must request transportation through their District transportation request system.  Poway OnStage DOES NOT arrange transportation to/from the PCPA.

Please note there is NO ON-SITE PARKING during day-time performances.  All chaperones must ride with students on the bus.


Q:  How do Poway OnStage scholarships work?

A: Our discounted $5 per ticket price for student matinee performances is made possible through many generous supporters of Poway OnStage. In addition, Poway OnStage has limited funding available to cover ticket fees and transportation costs for students/schools with limited resources.  Scholarship applications are included in the registration link and you will be notified within two weeks of your scholarship status.  Ticket Scholarships will result in a full or partial (50%) reduction in your ticket invoice total.  Transportation scholarships will require your school or school district to invoice Poway OnStage for a maximum of $175 per bus.  NOTE: Transportation scholarships can also be requested through ArtsBusXpress.


Q:  When will I receive my study guide and what will it include? 

A:  Study guides vary by performance and will be distributed two-weeks prior to the show date.  Each study guide includes background information on the artist and/or show contents, as well as extension activities or information for further study.  Some study guides are PDF guides, others have video components.  All students will also receive a show-specific Poway OnStage bookmark as a keepsake.  Bookmarks will be distributed to teachers on the day  of the show.


For more information or for specific questions, please contact Denise Flynn at (858) 668-4796 or
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