Intro to Instruments Virtual Field Trip

Intro to Instruments Virtual Field Trip

Poway OnStage and Bertrand’s Music present INTRODUCTION to INSTRUMENTS: A Virtual Field Trip In INTRODUCTION to INSTRUMENTS: A Virtual Field Trip students will enjoy lively and engaging activities and performances. . .

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Poway OnStage and Bertrand’s Music present


In INTRODUCTION to INSTRUMENTS: A Virtual Field Trip students will enjoy lively and engaging activities and performances designed to teach them all about the world of band and orchestra instruments.  From challenging games, and online demonstrations, our Introduction to Instruments Field Trip gives fourth and fifth graders all the information they need to choose the band or orchestra instrument that excites them the most. Music educators have called the program “essential” to the health of their band and orchestra programs.  At Poway OnStage, it is our mission to keep children connected to the Arts.

Grades: 4-5th

Available in English and Spanish


FREE to San Diego County residents and schools*
For residents and schools outside of San Diego County, the following fees apply:
$25 – Single Class Access
$100 – Full School Access

* All San Diego Area Schools, Homeschools and Families are eligible for grant-funded scholarships for FREE Access to our Virtual Field Trip Programs.

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Your Virtual Field Trip Access includes:

    • Interactive Study Guide Materials including:
Instrument Family Hall of Fame
Meet the Band Instruments
Fact or Fiction Game
    • “Choose Your Own Adventure” Show
    • Extension Activities including:
Musical Game: Instrument Match
Musical Game: High/Low
Musical Art Lesson
Bertrand’s Band Blast Off


All content is pre-recorded and can be used anytime between March 1 – April 29, 2022.

See Additional Virtual Field Trip FAQ’s below.

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Virtual Field Trip FAQ’s

Q:  What is the specific day/time of the field trip? Is there any live content?

A:    Everything is pre-recorded, to provide maximum flexibility and equitable accessibility across learning platforms.  It is all securely hosted on a password protected section of our website and is available for a three-week period.  You can assign it whenever fits best for your students.


Q:  Can the lesson be done over multiple sessions, or is the link/password limited to a single use?

A:  The link and password will work any time and as many times during the Field Trip period.


Q:  Does the field trip need to be given as an independent student activity or can I present it to my class all together?

A: We want you to use the materials in the format that works best for your students. We do ask that you have your students individually complete the survey form. They give us valuable data for our grant reports and the exit worksheet also asks questions that help complete some of the VAPA standards. If your students are working through the field trip on their own device, these elements are embedded. If you plan to present the materials to your class all together, the direct links to the surveys will be included so you can assign them separately.


Q:  Once I have the link, is it ok to preview the field trip so that I can best prepare my students and families for the activities?

A:  Yes, please explore the content and figure out what works best for your class!  The “map” is provided at the beginning of the Field Trip to help students navigate if you assign activities over multiple classes.


Q: Is my class limited to just one Virtual Field Trip per year, or can we attend multiple trips?

A:  You are welcome to sign-up for all the trips that are appropriate for your grade level. (And thank you for your interest in sharing the arts with your students!)


Q:  My class grade level is above/below the recommended span of the Field Trip, can we still attend?

A:  The grade level spans are set with input from the artists as well as VAPA standards for each grade level.  If you are ONE grade above or below the recommended level, it will probably still be appropriate.  Please keep in mind that younger students may need additional guidance with some of the activities and navigating the platform and older students may not have their VAPA standards fully met with the program.  If you do sign-up, we encourage you to navigate through the trip prior to assigning it to your students in order to figure out how you may need to supplement or adapt it for your students.

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Event Date

  • Tuesday March 1st, 2022 - Friday April 29th, 2022

Made possible by:

Bertrand’s Music

Intro to Instruments Virtual Field Trip

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