Drum Tao

Drum Tao

The return of DRUM TAO is an artful and unforgettable fusion of ancient artistry and modern spectacle. Immerse yourself in an electrifying showcase of traditional Japanese drumming, beautiful melodies of Japanese flutes and harps along with martial arts, and stunning visuals.

This event is no longer available.

Poway Center for the Performing Arts

Drum Tao is an immersive show features traditional Japanese drumming, enchanting melodies of flutes and harps, martial arts, and stunning visuals in a harmonious celebration of culture, ancient artistry, and performance.

Electrifying rhythms and thunderous beats propel this show forward as the skilled performers of DRUM TAO showcase their mastery of this ancient Japanese instrument, creating an awe-inspiring display of power, precision, and passion with synchronized and choreographed movements. Accompanying the powerful drumming are the serene and ethereal melodies of Japanese flutes.

Incorporating martial arts techniques and acrobatics, the performers of DRUM TAO display their physical prowess and agility. Through breathtaking choreography and precise movements, they bring an element of excitement and athleticism to the stage. Mesmerizing projections and meticulously designed costumes and set pieces create a visually striking and immersive experience.

The return of DRUM TAO is a celebration of Japanese culture, highlighting the beauty, tradition, and innovation that define this ancient art form. It is a testament to the timeless appeal and universal language of music and performance that transcending time.

Electrifying beats of the taiko drums, the enchanting melodies, and the mesmerizing visuals transport you to a world of beauty, tradition, and awe-inspiring talent. DRUM TAO will leave you breathless.

Event Date

  • Saturday April 6th, 2024 - 7:30PM

A $9 handling and facilities restoration fee will be
added to each ticket.

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